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I write compelling, inspirational stories with intense, page-turning scenes and a happy ending...because that's how I think it ought to be. We get enough reality in our own lives, right? My books include very real situations, but also happy resolutions. Here you can read about my books. I write inspirational contemporary romance, medieval romance and romantic suspense. In addition to print copies, you can get an electronic copy of each of my books. Enjoy!


> The Forest Ranger's Return is now available. This is the sequel to Healing the Forest Ranger. Many of you have written to ask me to write Dallin Savatch's story, and here it is! Check it out here.

The Forest Ranger's Return

> The Heart's Warrior has a new cover design. Check it out here and get your own e-copy of the book. While this book is not an inspirational, I still give it a rating of PG-13. Enjoy!

> The Forest Ranger's Promise is now available in hardcover large print from Thorndike Press. Click here to take a look at the beautiful cover.

> The Forest Ranger's Promise has finaled in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. I'm delighted, humbled and honored. :)

> Behind the story ~ Click here to read some fun information about how I came up with the idea for my new forest ranger series.

> Did you know you can get all the Love Inspired books sent to you in the mail each month by joining the book club? It's very inexpensive and gets rid of the need to traipse all over Wal Mart looking for the books. For more information, log on to www.ReaderService.com or call: (800) 873-8635 and tell them you want the Love Inspired books.

> Congratulations to my son, Daniel! He received a special commendation and was promoted to sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. We are very proud of him and all our military forces, wherever they might be serving.

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The Forest Ranger's Return

The Forest Ranger's Return


Still available

Healing the Forest Ranger

Healing the Forest Ranger

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